Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pattern Tracing

With 2 granddaughters in two different sizes I have found that I need to trace patterns so they can be used again.

The method I've been using is to put the original under the pattern paper and trace. its worked fine.
But I was reading somewhere yesterday and seen the neatest hint. yes

Take freezer paper, dull side up. Put the original on top. Trace with a permanent maker the size you need. It will bleed thru to the freezer paper.
Cut the pattern pieces out. Fuse to fabric. Peels right off.
No pins.
And can be use a few times before it no longer sticks. Card Making

Will it work?
Not sure yet.
But I will find out. Light Bulb

The other hint was.
Use freezer paper for small pieces.
Again, No pins.

I always stick myself. After 35 years of sewing.
No pins sounds wonderful.

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